working on new story…..


One Night in the Eternity Of……..

Most vampires like the ‘Nightlife Party’ scenes, thrive in dangerous situations or get their thrills by weaving boldly in and out of human society.

Not Homer Chao. He lives happily under the radar and amongst those he feels comfortable with – the homeless, the disenchanted, those who are either shunned or forgotten by society. They only know him as ‘Homer’, the guy with the big heart, kind words and honest acts. He works a simple job and lives a simple life which suits him just fine.

Until one night……..

37,000 words so far. Looks to be my next big novel. Check out for my already published stories!


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I have about 35,000 words done on my newest novel, ‘One Night in the Eternity Of….’ a story about an asian vampire with narcolepsy. It’s a cross between a dark comedy and action and it is about a young vampire who witnesses a gang style murder. Homer Chao has stayed under the radar for his whole vampiric life, cherishing his quiet existence among the homeless and street people in Los Angeles, he now faces a challenge – can he keep his vampirism a secret and help stop the killers or must he reveal himself and move on from a place he’s called home for the past fifty years?