Back to the Monday ‘Grind’!


Hello all! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the new week!  Worked on my Asian Vampire story – am up to 52,900 words and its still flowing like a stream! (keeping toes crossed to ensure it stays that way!) 🙂 Weather hot and humid with a couple of thunder showers but otherwise I can deal with it.  Helps when one is in an air conditioned home for the majority of the time, right?! Want to give a shout out to my fellow authors…..go to my website and you can turn to my ‘authors’ page and my ‘publishers’ and these links will take you to some other great writers that you may find to be fascinating reads! But please, don’t forget lil’ ol’ me!!! Must get back to the writing whilst my muse is still sitting on my shoulders….have a great Monday and rest of the week if I don’t get the chance to blog later on!   


One thought on “Back to the Monday ‘Grind’!

  1. Gloria Sandoval

    Hi Sharon, just received your note and bookmarks in the mail. So delighted and great to hear from you. I can now boost that I know an author. woo hoo !!! I am an avid reader and have some books in my little office library that I read at night just before bedtime. The titles of your books sound enchanting to say the least. Looking forward to reading them in the future.
    Keep up the good work and so thrilled for you and your passion.

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