Gearing up for the 4th!


Work is still progressing on my Asian Vampire with Narcolepsy novel…up to 55,900 words and am liking the flow. Hats off to my buddy, Richard Burns in CA for the weapons info and to Claudia Zimarripa-Rodriguez for the Spanish sentences!
Just finished reading ‘Holiday Horror’ an anthology that was a solid little book and am now moving on to Sam Reeses’ ‘Immolation’. Should have it read by Sunday and will let y’all know what I thought then! I will also post a review, which I encourage everyone to do – PLEASE! It helps the author stay in the rankings and boosts their sales/exposure to the rest of the world!
I’m having family over for the fourth and am looking forward to good times! You all have a happy, safe and fun Fourth of July and will blog again soon!


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