Monday just flew by. Had a ton of stuff going on at home, re-proofed my story, ‘Z-REGEN (Zombie Regeneration Project) with my co-author, Charlotte Morgan and went over the book covers she is designing as well. Talked to my bro in AZ for a minute and had two visitors, which, for us out here, it’s pretty unusual. One was my neighbor up the road who’s little Shih-Tzu disappeared on July 4th because of the fireworks. I sure hope they find the little guy and I told him I’d keep an eye open as well. Stray animals have a tendency to end up on our property – maybe because there’s an invisible sign that says “Kind Lady will feed and luv u” ? Anyway, that is why my blog is today….still plugging away at my Asian vamp story, proofing up my zombie story, waiting for 2nd edits for my 13 story anthology to be published, and working on a 3rd book for my ‘Searchers Inc’ series. The first book, ‘Rose & Steel’ is out and can be purchased in ebook or paperback at Amazon.com. The second book will (I’m shooting for!) be released around Christmas, as the story revolves around the holidays and that’s all I’m gonna say for now! *wink* Have a great week everyone, check out my website if you get a notion to, http://www.leapingunicornliterary.com and will blog again next week!


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