A shout out to fellow authors!


So, my blog today is a nod and bow to my fellow authors at JEA Press. I have read some truly remarkable stories these past few weeks and want to share them out with you all with real encouragement to get these stories and read them! Here’s my list from last week:
Sam Reese – ‘Immolation’ – a profound story; one I just was speechless after the last page.
Pete Clark – ‘Midnight Riders’ – a fun, historical romp very much along the lines of Monty Python.
TL Decay – ‘Random Scary Writings’ – a Zombie lovers mini treat. Great poems and short shorts.
Jim Goforth – ‘Plebs’ – Grindhouse horror at its best.
Anthology – ‘Holiday Horror’ – some great short stories from a whole slew of authors.
Lisamarie Lamb – ‘Fairy Lights’ – disturbing and fascinating at the same time.
These are just a few I’ve gotten to so far, and I highly recommend you also check out Sirens Call Publications for some incredible authors as well.
And don’t forget ‘yours truly’! check out my website:www.leapingunicornliterary.com for my already published gems!
Until next week, keep a book by your bed and a nightlight on….

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