novels, short stories and writing competitions…..Oh My!


So, this past week has been hectic, wild and fun all at the same time! I’ve entered two short story writing competitions;one with The Daily Bookworm and one with Knightwatch Press!(keeping toes crossed – need fingers for typing!)
Have also been proofing what I’ve got written so far on my Asian Vampire with Narcolepsy novel and am working with my co-conspirator….I mean….co-collaborator on a zombie story called ‘Z-REGEN’ (Zombie Regeneration Project). That one I’m really enjoying because Charlotte and I have come up with a kind of unique layout which I am hoping everyone else will enjoy and appreciate as well! No, I will not spoil it with any ‘teasers’ at this time – but that doesn’t mean I won’t give out any ‘hints’ in the near future! *evil smirk plastered on my face*
My anthology, ‘Horrors & Occupational Hazards’ is in it’s second edits stage, and I can tell you that the stories in there may make you appreciate the current job you have now! There is a tale about a road crew who has a run-in with ‘visitors’ from the Past, a tale about a septic tank that gives up more than its usual load of waste, a telemarketer who gets more than he bargained for with one call, and ten other tales about jobs that take a twisted turn to the dark side. I will keep you informed on the release date of that little gem – In the mean time, be good to yourselves and pick up a book that will stimulate your mind, stir up your emotions or simply scare the livin’ daylights outta ya! Until next time, happy reading! 🙂

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