Another cloudy Monday! Great for writing!!!! (at least for me! :))


Good morning one and all! I am back at the keyboard and ready to tackle my novel once again – but first, I submitted my second book in my ‘Searchers Inc’ series, ‘Desert Tracks’ to JEA Press this a.m. My first book, ‘Rose & Steel’ came out in May/June of this year. I’ll start working on the third book, as-yet-untitled, the beginning of next year. Heard from Nightwatch Press – alas, my short story did not make the cut, but one of my fellow authors at JEA Press did! Yay! Well, I must make this a short one today – the ideas are buzzing around in my little brain case like flies over a bloated corpse…yeah, I know – picture out of head, please! *giggle*. Can’t help it – that horror writer in me tends to pop up at the oddest times! Until the next blog, be good to yourselves and each other – either pick up a book or encourage others to do so! There’s a whole new world waiting for you between the pages!


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