Some Great News for a Terrific Author!

Hello everyone!
I just had to share this wonderful news with y’all! One of my fellow publishers from JEA Press,  Stuart Keane, took first place in this competition!  I highly suggest that you check out this and all of Stuart’s other works…he is an absolute thrill to read!

The winner of August’s flash fiction competition can now be announced: “Pieces” by Stuart Keane takes first place. The story will appear on this blog in a separate entry. Stuart will receive a copy of the e-book of “The Seance” by Jack Rollins. There were some great stories this month and it was…
Next, there will be a new Halloween Anthology coming out as well from a few of us! Will give more details as it goes along, but I can tell you we are all busting our humps to get these short stories polished off and ready for publishing before ‘All Hallows’ Eve’!
In the meantime, I best get back to work… well my friends and read often! 🙂

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