Electric Water Heaters and Lightning do not mix


Yep, we’ve had a couple of storms within the past two weeks, and during the most recent one my water heater got tagged and fried. I also had a bolt shoot through the cat room a/c unit – felt a burst of hot air all of a sudden and turned just in time to see the bright flash as the lightning came through the front of the fan and dissipated before it got to me or any of the kitties. Luckily, the unit has a surge protector built in and surprisingly, the darn thing still works! The thunder that came immediately after shook the whole room! I thought it was awesome! Unfortunately, the water heater did not fare as well. *Sigh* The darn thing was only six years old, to boot!  Well, off to Lowe’s, Best Buy and anywhere else to price a new one!

In the meantime, dear friends, be well, read a lot and will keep you posted on the newest ‘offerings’ for this Halloween season! 😉


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