Back from the dead (or so it felt!)


Sorry to have missed out on blogging last week, folks, but I’ve come down with a horribly nasty case of the flu. Seven days of the miserable whole nine yards…sweats, fever, stomach problems, weakness…you get it….anyway, am much, much better today and want to clue you all in on what’s been happening!

Had my short story ‘Nature’s Turn’ accepted by Samie Sands for Monster Anthology (untitled as of yet), as well as my short story ‘A Walk in Moonlight’ accepted for ‘Twisted Yarns’ by Sirens Call Publications. Don’t have anymore info at this time, but will keep you all updated as things progress.

Now, I am currently finishing up my Asian Vampire with Narcolepsy novel and have three more short stories sketched out for three more up-and-coming anthologies!

Working with my wonderful illustration artist, Velma Giggle Wink, on my book cover for my own anthology coming out, ‘Horrors & Occupational Hazards.’ Patience, my friends….I will share the cover when it is completed, but I must say that as usual, Velma has not disappointed me in the least! I really, really like this cover and hope you will too! (The stories in there aren’t so bad, either! LOL)

Once again, I bid you all adieu, have a wonderful day and don’t forget to grab a book from any of us talented authors either at JEA Press or Sirens Call Publications!

Until next time, stay scared! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHA!


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