Wonderful author, fantastic person


This weekend I had the pleasure and honor of meeting a gentleman who is the physical embodiment of Perseverance, Faith, and Determination.

Inky Johnson, former cornerback for UT, #29, has written his story. The book is titled: ‘Inky Johnson’  and I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone who has ever been at a point in their lives where they have either been physically, spiritually or emotionally challenged, or for anyone who wants to see where determination, love and perseverance can guide you.

Mr. Johnson is living proof that strength in oneself and total belief in a ‘Higher Power’ can get one through anything life on this earth throws at us.

Inky, thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of the world and my hope is that you may, with the Grace of God, continue to spread your message to others by continuing to be one terrific example of courage in the face of some astounding odds.


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