Better late than never!


Hello All! So sorry for not getting a blog out until the end of this week! Had a bit of a rough five days, but I have returned, fit and in writing shape once more! I want to give a big shout out to two people whom I believe should be checked out by one and all. Here they are: First, from a great fellow author at JEA Press –

“Zombies, Vamps, and Fiends” by Ash Hartwell

This book is about monsters. Real or imagined, these beasts lurk within us all. These are tales of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, the horrors of war, and the frailties of the human mind. From an exclusive club in Victorian London to a futuristic world of surgical punishment, from the funfair to…
 I definitely plan on catching up with his tales!
I myself have started on two of the four novels I plan to have completed this year. The first is about a post-civil war soldier who finds himself in a new type of battle – one it seems, only he understands, though he’s not sure how or why. However, as the dead continue to rise in small towns throughout the West, Preacher Bridges seems to be the only one who knows how to deal with them……
The second novel I am working on is actually the third book in my ‘Searchers, Inc’ series – book two, titled ‘Desert Tracks’ is in its second edits stage and should be coming out soon.
This book takes Shane Rose and his Crew to the Canadian/American border in Idaho, where they are tasked with re-capturing five escaped convicts who have taken a small border town hostage. Will they be able to handle the situation? Or will the harsh February winter and the criminals get away with- literally- murder?
I leave you with that bit of a cliff-hanger note, dear readers, and hope that you get the chance to check out my two fellow authors listed above.
Until next week, read on!

some reviews from the past


below you all will find some five star reviews of my stories: I hope these will whet your appetite and encourage you to check out not only my past literature, but my most recent and future tomes as well! All of these reviews can be found on Amazon…or you can check out all of my literature at my website:

This review is from: Monster Attack (Paperback)
I contributed to this story and can’t speak for my own story, but I just finished the other stories in the book and it was a blast to read. I’m honored to be in a collection of stories with so many talented authors.

5.0 out of 5 stars Creepy read, enjoyable short stories,May 17, 2014

I especially loved the haunted mental ward story by Sharon L. Higa. Good character build up, leading to a freaky antagonist. A great twist ending.
This review is from: Rose And Steel (Kindle Edition)
A well-told story with interesting characters, well plotted. This could easily be the first of a series, because there is clearly more to the characters than is set down here. The shape-shifting is kept consistent and explained well, with none of the usual jarring thumps. Occasionally, the dialogue is stilted, but not so much that it mars the story. I’ll be looking for more from this author.
          Heaven can wait…,November 8, 2013

This review is from: Number 6 (Kindle Edition)
Sharon Higa’s debut novel is a total gem and a cracking thrill a minute of a read! Telling the story of a restless spirit, determined to seek justice for both herself and the other victims of her killer, the book reads like a grittier, much better written version of Alice Seobold’s The Lovely Bones without all of the literary pretension that went with it. In truth, this is by far a much better written story and the narrative quite literally flows off the page as the reader follows the lead character not just through her quest for justice but also through her learning of what she is capable of now that she’s dead.

I loved the plot, thought the storyline was sublime and really connected with all of the characters! I also loved the way the main character works with the two Detectives on their investigation in a bid to help them solve the case! This makes for a thriller unlike any others I have read for though the story may have be a little familiar and may have been done before, Higa really does give the story her own spin and very successfully too I might add!

Sharon Higa’s debut paranormal mystery novel is a veritable tour-de-force and I look forward eagerly to reading more from this author!!

One thing is for certain, judging from this I very much doubt it is the last you will be hearing from her!

T-Shirts: A great way to promote in the New year!


Greetings one and all! I just received some great news from one of my publishers, JEA Press. They are now offering T-shirts to us authors within the publishing company with prints of our book covers on the front! Yes! And, we can arrange to have as many purchased as we would like. If any of you wonderful peeps out there are interested in promoting your best friend, sister, mom, cousin – whoever – who is an author with JEA, get a-hold of them right away and put in your order! They will have all of the colors, sizes, pricing and which book cover you would individually like to have! A great opportunity to promote and brag at the same time!

I’m heading off right now to figure out how many I actually want!

In the meantime, start your new year off right by reading! Grab a favorite author, a new one, or one you’ve been dying to check out but haven’t had the chance! Until next week – happy reading to you all!




Hello Everyone and what a way to start off the New Year! JEA Press is holding a virtual convention this whole week, starting today and ending on Sunday! Log on at :

and join us for some wonderful, fantastic, fun times! Get to know all of our authors and the staff of JEA! Have a blast finding new authors and new books as well as getting to know new people!

Will be looking for you all now and throughout the week!