T-Shirts: A great way to promote in the New year!


Greetings one and all! I just received some great news from one of my publishers, JEA Press. They are now offering T-shirts to us authors within the publishing company with prints of our book covers on the front! Yes! And, we can arrange to have as many purchased as we would like. If any of you wonderful peeps out there are interested in promoting your best friend, sister, mom, cousin – whoever – who is an author with JEA, get a-hold of them right away and put in your order! They will have all of the colors, sizes, pricing and which book cover you would individually like to have! A great opportunity to promote and brag at the same time!

I’m heading off right now to figure out how many I actually want!

In the meantime, start your new year off right by reading! Grab a favorite author, a new one, or one you’ve been dying to check out but haven’t had the chance! Until next week – happy reading to you all!



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