Thought for the day


Lately, I have had the privilege of helping a couple of fellow writers proof their works; in turn, I have been working with another writer in proofing a novel of my own. I have found that this has not only strengthened my perceptions when I sit down and write, but has also broadened my concepts in the developing of my characters and over all plot. I find myself being more cognizant as to how conversations are written, how descriptions can be more effective and how to pull certain aspects together to make it an overall tighter storyline.

I have also found a deep satisfaction in knowing that my suggestions – whether accepted or not – are helping a fellow writer become excited about their story, encouraged to continue on with their love of writing when there may have been some doubt creeping in.

I don’t do this for any reasons other than the fact that I can help others through my own learning process, it generates good Karma, and I feel I am ‘paying it forward’ (whatever it may be) in the hopes that others will do the same.

I hope this bit of insight encourages others to think about doing the same thing…there are writers who are in need of encouragement from those of us who have walked that path toward authorship already and sometimes, have no one but the author who Fate, Karma – whatever you wish to call it – has placed in their lives at the time they need the nudge to continue on.


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