Passing this around

  • Hey All!
    • I Want to share one of my fellow writers’ new entertainment app. I found it great and hope you all will enjoy and use as well! Give it a look, blog/facebook/twitter about it to others, and let Zack know what you think!
    • Have a terrific week, share the books you’ve read with others and give a writer a thumbs up/review! 🙂
  • Zack Reich

    Hi Sharon! how’s it going? I’m Zack and we’re both friends in the Fiction Writers group so I thought you’d be the best person to message. I have just finished creating a new entertainment app and it would be great to have your honest opinion. MyLeisure will help you to find the most recommended music, TV shows, movie, and more basted on your taste and your freinds recommendation. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

    Free Download for iPhone: Check our website:

    Many thanks and a have a great weekend! Zack


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