Please check this out! :)


Some important news regarding another Dark Chapter Anthology…

Dark Chapter Press is pleased to announce its first horror anthology, Kill for a Copy. We’ve begun a Kickstarter campaign for this anthology to make it something truly special. The criteria can be found in the link below (there are some amazing rewards). The first step? As well as featuring stories from some of the best up and coming horror writers in the genre, it also features a foreword from the world famous horror writer, Shaun Hutson. Yep, you heard that right. It’s truly an honour to have Shaun on board. Are you excited yet? We are.

Kill for A Copy….how far will you go to get yours? Get involved and become a part of horror history.

17 spectacular stories to scare, thrill, amuse and disgust in one chilling volume. A collection so good you might just kill for a copy.
I am very proud and honored to have a short story in this anthology…please help us authors get this going and make it a massive success!
Have a great week, pass this on so Dark Chapter Press can grow and remember – always leave a review! It helps authors throughout the reading world! 🙂

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