And now for something completely different…


Thought I’d veer off the beaten path of my usual blogs today and comment about the coming of Summer…which seems to have arrived in my part of the world with a vengeance.

I finally conceded defeat to Mother Nature yesterday and turned on the air conditioners in the house and the cat room. When the house temp hit 85 degrees; my poor furry kids were lying on the tile floors of their room, panting, while the dog was spread out underneath the bed (it was the coolest spot in the house), and the sweat was running off of me while I was merely sitting down, attempting to write – I decided we’d all had enough of playing the “tough pioneer days”.

I lugged their air conditioning unit out of our garage – no mean fete since I had to wheel it across the driveway (our garage is detached), haul it up a total of eight very tall, steep steps – from the garage to the porch to the living room – then across to the cat room situated at the far end of the house, whilst holding the flexible hose, bag that had all of the screws and remote, as well as the window guard the hose fits into. This is no small machine and even though it is on wheels, it must weigh at least forty pounds! (Let’s not forget – I’m 56 years old and a writer – not much exercise there, folks!)

Well, it was worth the sweat pouring off my body and into my eyes when I finally cranked her up and my nine fur babies all laid in front of it, soaking up the cool, refreshing air.

I then went about closing all of the windows in the house then hit the button for the house air conditioning. My dog,  Bailey -faithful little cuss that he is – escorted me, making sure I hadn’t missed a window. When the a/c kicked on, however, he deserted his post next to me and went to lay across one of the floor vents. Moaning and grunting in pleasure, he closed his eyes and fell asleep, leaving me to peel my drenched clothing from my body, wash off the sweat, change into much drier wear and get back to writing.

I sure hope Fall comes early this year…



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