When life gets in the way of living…uh…writing…


It has been a crazy two weeks, and my sincerest apologies for not keeping up with my blog…however, things have settled down, so I can catch you all up with what’s been going on.

First and foremost: Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!

Next, I had two cats in the hospital at the same time. My 16 year old cat, Black Magic, had a stomach infection that began to shut her kidneys down. Three weeks and sub-cutaneous fluids every day later, she is doing much better.  At the same time, my 15 year old grey/black tabby, Baby, needed her hernia repaired. She had it her whole life, but it was getting to the point that we were worried it would rip through her stomach lining completely. So, she had the surgery, is doing well, and was confined to the upstairs guest room until her stomach stitches heal, much to her vocal chagrin.  We also have our cousin’s dog Trevor (a girl dog), for the week while she’s (my cousin, not the dog)  on vacation. My mom also came out for the next six months, and we drove to the airport (2 hrs one way) to pick her up two Saturdays ago.

Other than that, I’ve been polishing up two short stories for anthologies, signing new contracts and working on the final proofs for my Asian Vampire with Narcolepsy novel. The title is: “One Night in the Eternity Of…” I’ve also been helping a friend on his anthology of short stories as well – proofing and tightening it up for submission, in between everything else!

Hubby has been wonderful through all of the chaos and rushing around. He’s so Zen, it’s a blessing and definitely counterbalances my hyper-multi-tasking body and brain!

Also got to read a few more books in between. I highly recommend four little tastes of terror:

Turn Down the Lights – anthology edited by Richard Chizmar

Under A Twisted Moon – Susan Simone

When We were 8 – Catt Dahman

Warriors – Tabitha Baumander

Some exceptional novels guaranteed to keep you riveted!  Please remember to always leave a review!

Enjoy, will blog next week and wishing you all have a great one!


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