It’s the boys turn…


My last blog, I posted some excellent female authors whom I have had the pleasure to read their works. Now, I believe it’s

the boys turn.

Here, for your reading pleasure, I give you:

Shadows of the Inferno – Christopher St. John Sampayo

Harbinger – David J. Bright

Points – Brian Woods/Roy C. Booth

Random Scary Writings – T L Decay

Sanctuary from the Dead – R J Spears

Once Upon a Grave – William Bove

Stories I recommend for those who love that real tingle that runs up your spine every time you read a scary book!

Please remember to give a review – it helps us writers in the long run!

If you all have other books you would like to recommend, please be sure and spread the word via social media- we all want to add to our list of ‘to reads’!

Have a great week, stay cool – where I live, summer has arrived with a vengeance – and be sure to make some time for a good book within your day! 🙂



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