Good news, good news and more good news!


It’s been a wild beginning to a new week!

Hubby got his official start date for a permanent work position, I got my 2nd edits back for the 2nd book in my ‘Searchers Inc’ series, “Desert Tracks”, by JEA Press – and – they offered me a contract for my novel, “One Night in the Eternity Of…”

This story is about an Asian vampire with Narcolepsy – yep – think of Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows. The story is a dark comedy/action, and everyone who’s proofed it seems to like it!

Also, last Friday night I was on Zombiepalooza with the wonderful Jacki Chen and my co-author, Charlotte Marie Morgan, regarding our collaborated novella, Z-REGEN. This story is in the editing phase, but Charlotte showed off the book cover during the talk show, and we chatted about how the story came about – Charlotte’s brainchild of an idea, my fleshing out the story, and the two of us working on compiling the whole tale! 😉

I am also reading/reviewing a wonderful story by Sam Gregory – “Indeadpendance Day” and will post my review as soon as I’ve read this whole book. I’ve already started, and have to admit, it was hard to put down last night…

Also, if anyone out there is around the Oak Ridge, TN area, I will be at a book signing with my books on this Friday, 5 – 8 p.m. at a little bookstore named “Locally Grown” on Old Towne Rd. Hope anyone who lives out this way can make it! Give me a holler if you do! I will be there with the estimable author, BJ Gillum.

So, as you can see, it has been a very busy, busy Monday.

Hope the rest of the week stays as interesting, without the rush-rush-rush. However, I do love to stay busy when it comes to writing and reading!

Take care all, have a great week, and pass it on to others when you’ve found an incredible author/book – paying it forward is what counts in this ol’ world!


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