Wonderful Gala for a good cause!


Hey all! I’m back! Sorry for not writing to you last week, but it was crazy-hectic!  This past Saturday, the Roane Writers Group – a fantastic group of writers whom I have the honor to be a member of – had their annual gala event for the Roane Co. Childrens Writing Competition.

What this group has been doing for the past seven years is host a themed gala event to collect funds for the competition and a scholarship which is awarded to the high school senior who wins the grand prize.  The schools in our area – Roane County, East TN – that participate are all three: elementary, middle and high school.  The kids can enter stories, poems, flash fiction – in the genre of their choice. The winners of our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place all get published, along with the grand prize winner, and the books are for sale, giving all the kids both the ability to claim they are now published writers and to raise more money for the next year’s competition.

Last year was the first time I participated, and let me tell you, there is some absolutely incredible talent within this area! The little ones, elementary school, were just as phenomenal as their older competitors! I feel very honored and blessed that I am part of a group that works to encourage education and intellectual stimulation through stories and writing!

Well, our gala this year, which was held last Saturday, was a 70’s and 80’s theme. We had a terrific crowd, Gregg Johnson’s ‘Legends’ – Elvis, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton impersonators – who were incredible and really knew how to ‘work the crowd’ *wink wink*!  Ron McCuiston spun the tunes as our DJ; we had a live auction with the speed-speaker John Mcdonald our honorary auctioneer (his “Auctioneers Song” was a hoot!), food catered by Jake’s Tavern – four types of chicken wings, Swedish meatballs, an unbelievable fruit tray  and brownies that knocked your diet right into next year – and the ladies of our group who put our heads together and came up with four kinds of finger sandwiches!  We also had vege trays, cheese trays, wine, beer, sodas and ice teas (sweet and unsweet).

Snackies included pretzel sticks, peanuts, and m & m’s, the treats of choice in my youth (70’s and 80’s, of course!).

Our fearless leader, BJ Gillum was an incredible inspiration and pitched in with his usual gusto! Many thanks also go out to everyone in the group, and those connected to us as well, who helped with every aspect of this gala – from decorating to serving to hosting our guests, to the fun part of the cleanup after!

Tremendous thank you goes out to Bill Anderson, owner/operator of the Rockwood Event Center, in Rockwood TN, where our event was held this year! Thanks Bill! You’re a champ!

You all are a fantastic group of people, and helped make this years’ Gala a phenomenal success!

Now, onto next year….

Be well, read lots, and don’t forget to leave your authors a review! 🙂


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