Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon Rising 2 Event

Hello All!

In honor of the eclipse occurring tonight, and to let you all know what is coming up the whole month of October, I’m posting a little slide show our hostess, Sam Gregory, put together for all of us authors who are going to be on the Blood Moon Rising 2 event.

This event will start October 1 and go straight through to November 1, having authors on facebook each day, to answer questions, talk about their novels, both now published and those that are up-and-coming and generally have a hellaciously great time this Halloween season!

So come on – circle the whole month on your calendars, check out the video below, and stay tuned for up and coming announcements and where to go to check out our event!

Take some time out tonight to gaze at the moon, howl with the wolves, work magic with the witches and chat up a ghost or two – and will look for you throughout the month of October where I and my fellow authors will be having a horrorfyingly good time!

Here’s a little video for the event

Blood Moon Rising 2 | Online Slideshow by

A little taste of what’s to come in Blood Moon Rising 2 – Powered by Slidely – Create & experience y…


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