Good news from Ortho and a new antho w/ me in it!


Hello All!

I hope everyone enjoyed a feast-filled, family fun Thanksgiving! Mine was great, and shared with all my beloved peeps.

Now, onto some good news and some great news:

First, I have another short story out in a fantastic anthology titled:

“Twisted Yarns”    by Sirens Call Publications!

This depraved little gem of a novel can be found on either Amazon or Createspace, and my offering therein is titled:

“A Walk in Moonlight”.  I would highly recommend this book, not only for my story, but for the ten other tales by authors whom I have the privilege of being published within. And please, should you indulge in reading this newly published antho, don’t forget to leave a review!

Second: good news from the orthopedic surgeon I saw yesterday. I stepped into a squirrel hole in my front yard about a year ago, and I thought I’d only messed up my left leg (bruises from shin to thigh from falling down hill in front yard), but I’d also kinda mangled my right ankle when I stepped into above-mentioned hole with my right heel. I had a slight dislocation which was fixed by a ‘phantom dr’ (check out my blog on that little incident), but I stretched the tendon on the inside section of my ankle, which also goes to the arch of my foot. (I found all of this out at the Ortho surgeon’s yesterday). But, me being me, I kept walking on it, stubbornly thinking it will heal itself, which, it had, partially, but… in order for my tendon to heal completely, I will now be fitted with an ankle brace and need to wear it for 12 weeks – then it’s back to the doc to see how the healing is going.

Luckily, the tendon is neither ripped nor severed, so I have a good chance once I allow it to ‘rest’ with the brace, I will be as good as new physically – mentally, there is no hope! I will always be a deranged author! *heeheehee*

Also, There are several new novels and anthologies now out for the holiday season. Check out Toneye Eyenot’s “Scarlett Blade” novel, Ash Hartwell’s “Zombies, Vamps and Fiends,” Kat Gracey’s “Witch Moon”, and M Cid D’angelo’s “Dead Reckoning,” just to name a few.

So slap some books onto your list to Santa, and read a good, scary story to get you into the holiday spirit! I know that does it for me every time! 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone, and remember: reviews always help your favorite authors!


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