Rachel Holbrook – an up-and-coming author to read!


I’m not trying to brag (well…yeah…I am a little), but in my writers group we have got some spectacular authors. Rachel Holbrook, Buddy Tetro, BJ Gillum – just to name a few – have some incredible story lines that are now being published, or, actually have been published.

Today, I’m focusing on Rachel. Rachel has been doing a serial called “Little River” on her blog, and now, it is in paperback and on ebook! I had the privilege of  test-reading one of her novels, “Surviving Stephen”, and I am truly hoping that some sharp, forward thinking agent/publisher in the literary world out there picks this gem of a tale up and gets it published! It is an incredible read. (Hint, hint) 🙂

I highly, highly recommend reading this young woman’s stories. Her writing style is life-experience driven, imaginative, heartfelt, hits every emotion you can think of, and then some!  You can find her and more info about her published works at:


Have a great week, folks…only 11 days until the big man in red arrives! Have you been naughty, or nice?!



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