Another new book release for the New Year!


My fellow author at JEA Press, Tabitha Baumander has just had a new novel released:

The Fourth Wall – by Tabitha Baumander

below is the link to go to check out this new offering for the start of the new year!

Check it out and if you are interested in other authors from JEA, go to the J Ellington Ashton Press website and click on the ‘authors’ button to discover a whole new realm of tales!

Until next week, be safe, stay warm, because…to quote an old song, “Baby, it’s cold outside… ” 😉 (at least where I live it is!) –  and don’t forget to give a heads up to you favorite authors via reviews!



Tune in Tonight to Wicked Little Things- A JEA Radio Blog


Hey all;

Tonight I will be on JEA’s radioblog, Wicked Little Things! Tune in to hear me, and the estimably gory Toneye Eyenot  as we talk about all things morbid, scary and ourselves, as well. 😉

To connect with us tonight, here is the blogsite:

the time is from 8:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time (USA).

Can’t wait for tonight and hopin’ you all will come on and join the creeps, chills and fright-filled fun!

Debut Novel by author R.B. Tetro and JEA Press!

Buddy Tetro's photo.
Buddy Tetro

Just wanted to let everyone know that my first novel, an action/thriller entitled, Misty Hill Reckoning, has been released by, J ellington ashton press, and is know available on

, Good reads, create a space and soon to come Barnes and

I have only been writing for two years and am very excited and nervous, so any input will be greatly appreciated.
Today I submitted my second novel, a western, entitled, An Unlikely Gun Hand, so wish me luck.
Now to finish re-writes on my post apocalyptic, fantasy/horror, entilted, Red Robin.
Thank you to all my facebook friends, and Happy New year.

****Hi Everyone!***

I’m Baaaaack! Yes, had a wonderful holiday with the family and am now fully energized and ready to share new authors, my new stories, and any other interesting trivia which happens to float my way!

But first, please take a look at my friend, Robert Tetro’s first published novel! Believe me when I say I have read the draft, and it is an incredible story for his first one out the gate!

I know Robert has quite a few others in the making, and if this is any indication of how good and mind grabbing his tales are, then I’m lining up to make sure I get the next ones as well!

In the meantime, please check out JEA Press and their tribe of authors. Each and everyone of them is unique and exquisite in their genres and writing styles. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Have a great week, read more, write often – if you have a bend toward the ink and paper, that is – and don’t forget those reviews for the New Year! 🙂