Another shout out for author, Laura Enright!


Laura Enright – Amazon Page:
And on Enright!

If you haven’t read anything from this interesting author… then what are you waiting for??!!

Check her out on Amazon and give her books a good perusal! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and keep on reading! 🙂


This weeks featured author – Laura Enright!


“Chicago’s Most Wanted,” “Vampires Most Wanted,” and “To Touch the Sun” are a few of Laura’s novels, any one of which would pull you into her world of writing. Check her out:

Laura Enright in books section on and :

Laura Enright – Amazon Page:
Give a review and let everyone know what you think about this down-to-earth lady’s take on intriguing subjects!

Until next time, read well and often! 🙂

Hell Hath No Fury – a new novel by S K Gregory!


Another winner from my fellow author, Sam Gregory!

She writes under the name S K Gregory, and you can find her books at

If you are looking for a book you can really sink your teeth into, I suggest picking up any one of the novels that she has written. Her stories are as dynamic and full of action as the lady herself!

Keep her in mind the next time you are perusing the books section of Amazon, and give her stories a chance to grab you and never let go!

Until next time my friends, read well and often 🙂

Featured author for this week – Samantha Gregory!


I have to say that Sam and I became friends in an authors group a couple of years ago, and I have rarely met a more dynamic, forward moving, go-getter when it comes to getting her stories, and the tales of other authors, out to the public!

She is a dynamo, and her books aren’t bad, either!  😉

Seriously, folks, I highly recommend checking Sam out.

You can find her on Amazon under:  S K Gregory, as well as the links below –

Sam Gregory – Amazon Page: Blog site:

Have a great day, read well, review often, and take care! 🙂


A round of applause for author Mark Woods!


A year ago Mark Woods was just a chef who wrote book reviews, but when horror author, Catt Dahman, persuaded him to write his own stories, she unwittingly created a monster. Since then his short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies to critical acclaim, his debut novella, Time Of Tides, has proved phenomenally popular and he is one of the key authors behind the upcoming, groundbreaking novel, Feral Hearts; a unique and original take on the vampire legend like nothing you have ever seen done before!
Mark is currently working on numerous projects including his first full length novel and several other short novella. He also continues to write his short fiction whilst still doing what he calls ‘the day job’.

Mark is an occasional Blogger and full time book geek who writes reviews for such sites as Amazon, Goodreads and Dooyoo when not writing his fiction. His Blog, miss muppet are my hamster, can be found here:

His Facebook author page can be found at

I highly recommend Mark Woods both for his horror stories, reviews and his blogs. An incredible writer, husband, and all-around great dad, Mark is going to be a force to be reckoned with, due to his unique style of  horror writing.

If you like horror, check Mark Woods out. Don’t forget to leave a review, and I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

Introducing our author in the spotlight this week – Mark Woods!


Hello, hello!

Well, it’s another Monday, and today I am blogging about a fantastic author and my first pick for editor with JEA Press, Mark Woods!

Right now, I am in the middle of reading “Fear of the Dark” by the estimable Mark Woods, and I have to tell you, it is giving me the creepy-crawlies – for sure! I have also read his novel, “Time of Tides,” and that is also a fantabulous read for those who like horror, especially of the Lovecraftian bend.

Mark Woods is located in England, but you can also purchase and check out his contributions to iconic horror at: under Mark Woods. (look him up under books department)

Give him a peek; I know I have not been disappointed yet! (Hey Mark – do I get a little leeway when you edit my next novel? Heeheehee!)

Check out this amazing author, and until next time, read well, review always and have a great day! 🙂

Mark Woods – Amazon Page:

Extra! Extra! Read this new book! come and get it while it’s hot!


Heya folks!

Just got the word that my friend and fellow author, Michael Kanuckel, has just had a new release!

Here it is:

This new novel of horror can be found on!  Check it out – it’s Michael’s first venture into horror, and to tell you the truth, I can’t wait to grab it up!

Please remember, after you read, please leave a review. This is like blood for any author – it keeps them flowing in the public eye!

Until next time, be good  – If you can’t be good, then be careful 😉 – and you can leave comments for this blog at any time as well! I welcome all comments, good, bad or indifferent. If they’re bad, tho, I’ll have to kill you off in my next book! *just kidding*  🙂

Kathy Denver – an new author with a great novel


Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday! Today I am blogging on my fellow author and great all-around person, Kathy Denver.


is one I highly recommend. You can find it on Amazon, both in kindle and paperback, and I will not spoil the story by putting out that she has already received one five star review. I, myself am in the first third of the novel, and I had to force myself to put it down and turn off the light (I will be resuming tonight!) I will be posting my review once I am done, and I can tell you right now, just the first third has me riveted!

Kathy writes under the name:  K.A. Denver

Please check her out – I believe you won’t be disappointed!

In the meantime, read lots, find a new author to check out, and I will blog again soon! 🙂


This week’s featured author – KATHY DENVER!


Another new author in our midst! Kathy’s debut novel, “The Guardians: Forest of Ancestors” is now available on Amazon both in Kindle and Paperback! Check this budding new author out and give her a review!

I’ve already purchased her book and am beginning it today! Have a great day, read lots, put Kathy on your reading list, and will talk to all of you wonderful peeps again! 🙂

Highlighting author of the week – Donald Armfield


Hey guys! For the next couple of months, I am going to be highlighting fellow authors who are both in my Authors Meet Readers group, and those whom I know are coming out with some fabulous new books! I will blog one author a week, and hope to add my own mini review/take on their stories here, as well…simply as a teaser taste for those who may be interested in their tales! 😉

I will be blogging and showcasing their novels here, and hope that this will stimulate everyone  to get on board with reading/reviewing these great writers and others whom you may discover as well!

So, here are a couple of anthologies that Donald Armfield has imbedded with little nuggets of terror: Details

Product Details

If you like hard-core, shiver inducing terror, then I recommend Donald!

Have a great Wednesday and I do hope you all enjoy the hell out of anything you read! 🙂