Catt Dahman – owner of JEA Press and an incredible author in her own right!


Besides being a wonderful boss at JEA Press, Catt is also a good soul with the patience of a saint when it comes to us authors. I can’t say enough about how she’s worked with me to make me a far better author than when I submitted my first novel in 2013.  I also have read a few of her novels, and I cannot say enough about how captivating and terrifying each and every tale is!

The author page from Amazon pretty much says it all:

“catt dahman, a native Texan, is a prolific horror writer with Severed Press and J Ellington Ashton. She writes extreme horror (splattergore), mainstream horror, has a crime series, several prehistoric thriller novels, a zombie series, and historical horror. With degrees in psychology from Texas A&M, she delves into the personalities of her characters and the depravity of the human mind. She has forty novels available and appears in several anthologies. One of her biggest accomplishments, over thirty years of writing, is working in the area of splatter punk and extreme horror, an area that she was once told was out-of-reach because of her gender. She participates in conventions and book-signings regularly where she speaks at panel discussions and likes meeting horror fanatics. ”

I would recommend Catt Dahman to anyone who is into any and all genres of both psychological and gore horror, as well as a few thrillers thrown in for fun 😉

Take care of each other, read well and often and have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! :).


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