The Arts Council of Roane County, East Tennessee

A very noteworthy and great group to check out. I am a member of their sub-branch, the Roane Writers Group, and will be signing up with the Arts Council to help broaden my network of great, supportive friends and artistic family within my community! If you live in or around the Kingston area, or simply want to check us out – go to their website listed below:
or read about them in this blog today! 🙂
PO Box 1175, Kingston, Tennessee 37763
  • Start Date
    Founded in 2012
  • Short Description
    The Arts Council of Roane County is dedicated to enriching the cultural lives of all of the residents in all our communities.
  • Long Description
    We promote art and artists and educate both artists and the community about the arts.
  • Mission
    To support all of the arts and artists in our communities. For artists, this means that the Council intends to:
    *develop more opportunities for you to showcase your work at more and better venues
    *compile an artist/venue database that will allow new opportunities to find you and for you to find new opportunities.
    See More
  • Phone
    (865) 591-2763
  • Email
  • Have a great day, and read lots! 🙂

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