Two new books released from JEA Press! My novel and an Antho I am in! Woo Hoo!


Season's Bleedings by [Gray, Roma]

My short story, “Black Peter” is in here! Check it out, along with my fellow awesome authors! The theme of this book was that we were given a fellow author to ‘do with as we willed’ in our short stories. It was a blast seeing who annihilated whom and in what style! 😉  Pick up this holiday treasure and be ready to have the jingle bells scared outta ya!

Product Details My latest novel!

“February 1, 2031. The virus dubbed by the media as ‘The Zombiefication Plague’ has struck worldwide. The deadly disease turns people into raging, flesh rending, rotting/liquefying creatures attacking every still living individual in their wake. Dr. Carl Gavois, a researcher at the CDC, is in a race against time to come up with an antidote before all of mankind is consumed by this plague. Will he come up with a solution or are we, as a species, all doomed?”

If you like tales of zombies try this little gem out!

Always remember, folks – please, please, please – leave a review for any and all books that you read! It benefits us authors immensely, and gets our stories out to others!

Have a great week, and Happy Halloween! 🙂


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