New! Psychological Terror from JEA’s one and only Catt Dahman!


Hello and Happy New Year! Today I want to share with you all a new ‘goody’ from one of our fantastic female authors, and the founder of JEA Press, Catt Dahman.  I highly recommend her work if you like psychological as well as supernatural horror!  Please check out this little story from one seriously twisted, incredibly gifted mind – and don’t forget to share your review!

Blood Tradition by [dahman, catt ]

At the start of the day Ripley had nothing more on her mind than doing well at her new job. She never envisioned that a lunch date with some of her co-workers would ensnare her in a nightmare involving abduction, rape and death. Yet when a pair of deranged lunatics with murderous plans in mind hijack their vehicle while they are paused at a traffic light, that’s precisely what happens with the kidnapped trio of women forced to drive out of the city and deep into the backwoods. Shaken and terrified, Ripley manages to evade the bloody fate in store for her, with the assistance of retired police officers Henry and EZ, but her relief is a fleeting thing. Flagging down a passing bus loaded with tourists seems like a good way out, but the bad weather swirling around them has other ideas. On roads slick with deadly ice and populated by hazardous hairpin curves, the tour bus loses control and crashes on the outskirts of a small backwoods town. Now, the lot of them are about to find things going from bad to worse. Stranded by the storm in the strange township of Carn, with the local authorities seemingly in no rush to lend assistance, Ripley, Henry, EZ and the tourists are about to discover the gruesome secret of this rustic little community. There is a blood tradition here and soon enough, the blood is going to run…


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