Women in Horror Month has arrived!





Sam Gregory
February 1 at 10:14am – Come join us for the whole month of February! Get to know some awesome female horror writers, or see what your current favorite ladies of horror are digging up and publishing for the terror-loving world to see! Don’t miss out on the chills, thrills and general mayhem we girls are going to bring forth! See you on the scream side!
Join us for the month of February as we celebrate Women in Horror Month at www.storyteller-skgregory.weebly.com Feb 1st – Welcome to Women in Horror 8 2nd – Lily Luchesi 3rd – Enjay Taylor 4th – Lynn Lamb 5th – Anne Rice 6th – Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason 7th – Sharon Higa 8th – Jolene Poole 9th – Kat Gracey 10th – Mary Shelley 11th – S. K.Gregory 12th – Alessia Giacomi 13th – Roma Gray 14th – Faith Marlow 15th – Charlaine Harris 16th – Eden Royce 17th – TM Tianna Scott 18th – Top female horror stars 19th- Story Excerpts 20th – Kelley Armstrong 21st – Scream Queens- women in horror movies 22nd – Story Excerpts 23rd – what horror means to me by SK Gregory 24th- About the WiHM organisation 25th- Laurell K Hamilton 26th – Story Excerpts 27th- Giveaways 28th- Thank you for taking part

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