A new anthology released on ebook from Anthology House Publishing and Jacky L Lane!


A new anthology which will only add to your nightmares -in a delightfully horrific, spine-tingling way! On ebook now, I recommend you grab this little antho of nightmarish gems. Just remember to leave the lights on when you’re done!


Sweet Dreams by [Lane, J. L., Kane, Kitty, Elias, Paul J., Eyenot, Toneye, Goforth, Jim, Martin, Frank, Lennon, Andrew, Finn, G. H., Pratt, Essel, Anderson, C.S]

Toss and turn your way through a darkly haunting world of nightmares. After reading this anthology you may never again sleep with the lights off. If you ever dare sleep at all…
23 twisted stories and 5 haunting poems from the depraved minds of:
Kitty Kane
Paul J. Elias
Andrew Lennon
J. Duncan
Toneye Eyenot
J. L. Lane
Essel Pratt
G. H. Finn
Veronica Smith
C.S Anderson
Jim Goforth
Peter Oliver Wonder
Dani Brown
Norbert Góra
Roy C. Booth
Cynthia Booth
Lisa Dabrowski
Anusha VR
Kevin Wimer
Christine King
Tina Piney
R. E. Lyons
Frank Martin


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