Women in Horror Month – February – See who’s who!


Hello and Happy Monday!  This glorious morning, I want to address the theme of this month: Women in Horror!

Check out the link below to see who Sam Gregory has interviewed and blogged about!


You will get to know some incredible female authors such as  Roma Gray, Kelley Armstrong, Kat Gracey, T M Scott, S K Gregory,  Eden Royce, Charlaine Harris, Alessia Giacomi, myself (Sharon L. Higa), and a slew of other supernaturally talented, mind-grabbing, terrifying lady writers of the horror genre!

So grab your laptop or keyboard, go to Sam’s website/blog posts, and I’m sure you will be able to find at least two women of horror whom you can add to your To Read lists!

Until next time, read much, review often, and have a Terroriffic week! 🙂



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