One Novel and One Soon-To-Arrive Anthology! Woo Hoo!


Hello Everyone! Lots of things happenin’ on the Higa homefront, and I finally got things under control enough to be able to reach out and get in touch with y’all!

So, without further ado, here is what’s new and upcoming in my writing world;

My new novel, “One Night in the Eternity Of…” has just hit Amazon! Here is the cover:

Product Details

and it can be found under my name, Sharon L. Higa at!


Also, a new Anthology soon to be published from JEA Press with a trippy little tale by yours truly, which also includes a huge wolfpack of fabulous, talented authors! The title is:

Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts.

Please stay tuned for the release date!

Hope you all have a great rest-of-the-week!

Read well, give reviews often, and until next time, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

(That doesn’t leave much, believe me! Hahahahahahaha!)



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