Book Competition


Hey all! I am currently in a book competition at ‘The Daily Bookworm’! Please check out my short story and vote! I’m really excited to be in this competition, and I believe you will all get a big kick out of my story; I C U.  Thank you in advance even if you just checked it out for the fun of it! The Daily Bookworm is a good group to tie into, with lots of great stories and authors in the mix!   


Hello All!


Well, I had a very productive and interesting weekend. I was able to work on my Asian vampire story (3,000 more words accomplished!), I worked on a couple of short prompts from my writers group and actually watched a great documentary from the History 2 Channel. It is called ‘Zombies: A Living History’ and it shows how in some way, shape or form, Zombies have been in pretty near every human culture that has ever existed on this planet. If you all get a chance, I highly recommend checking this out – I found it fascinating, but then something would truly be wrong with a horror writer who didn’t! *hehehe*. Oh, yeah, and I also got my laundry done for the week.(yay).

Have switched some things around for the last quarter of this year. I have submitted my second book in my ‘Searchers Inc’ series to be hopefully, published by the end of this year and am going to hold off submitting my Asian vampire until the beginning of next year, along with my co-written work ‘Z-Regen’. I want to be sure both stories are polished up before being submitted, and with my anthology ‘Horrors & Occupational Hazards’ also coming out soon, this will allow me to end this year with two ‘good ‘uns’ (fantasy/action and Hitchcocklike suspense) and begin next year with two that are more along the ‘horror’ line.

Am also proofing a novel from another great author friend of mine – Samuel Adam Reese – which is in its first stages of development, and let me tell you all; this man is a force to be reckoned with. If you have not read any of Sam’s work, go to and check out ‘Immolation’ by Sam Reese. All I could do was sit there with my jaw hung down to my chest after I finished the last page. A profound piece of work. 

For a glimpse at  other truly great authors, go to my website, and look at my authors page – and don’t forget to peek at the people who have made it all happen – Our Publishers! I have a page set up for them. I heartily suggest checking them out. It is their level of quality and the belief in treating their authors with respect and dignity that set them above the rest.

Well folks, that is my blog for today. Stay well read and well fed, be good to yourselves and each other!

Another cloudy Monday! Great for writing!!!! (at least for me! :))


Good morning one and all! I am back at the keyboard and ready to tackle my novel once again – but first, I submitted my second book in my ‘Searchers Inc’ series, ‘Desert Tracks’ to JEA Press this a.m. My first book, ‘Rose & Steel’ came out in May/June of this year. I’ll start working on the third book, as-yet-untitled, the beginning of next year. Heard from Nightwatch Press – alas, my short story did not make the cut, but one of my fellow authors at JEA Press did! Yay! Well, I must make this a short one today – the ideas are buzzing around in my little brain case like flies over a bloated corpse…yeah, I know – picture out of head, please! *giggle*. Can’t help it – that horror writer in me tends to pop up at the oddest times! Until the next blog, be good to yourselves and each other – either pick up a book or encourage others to do so! There’s a whole new world waiting for you between the pages!

The weekend of movies


So, I took a bit of a break this weekend – worked on my novel for about 6 hours, then spent the rest of Sunday watching tv shows and movies! I’ve really gotten into ‘Crossbones’ with John Malkovich; it’s an intriguing series about pirates and spies. I also watched the movies, ‘Act of Valor’ and ‘The Jack Bull’ which I found very good as well. I also went to visit my cousin on saturday at her house and brought my little mutt, Bailey, because he loves Kathy’s dog, Trevor (she’s a girl dog, by the way!). While we were there, Bailey managed to break the cat door leading into the garage, chew his harness to pieces and ran Trevor ragged in the backyard. Kathy’s pool scraper broke and is currently still sitting (I guess) at the bottom of her pool. We had to run to Wal Mart and pick up a new one, as well as a new harness for Bailey. I called it quits after four p.m., packed my four legged ‘Dennis the Menace’ up and we went home, fortunately, without incident. It’s no wonder I needed Sunday to recuperate!
Well, as we all know, it is Monday and I’m back on the clock with my story! Speaking of which, my story with Knightwatch Press did not make the cut – but that’s okay. I get it – one cannot win them all, eh? Well, let me get back to the old drawing board. I wish you all a very pleasant and less-stressful week with whatever you are doing. August is here, summer is halfway over, so enjoy the rest of it while you can!