Two new books released from JEA Press! My novel and an Antho I am in! Woo Hoo!


Season's Bleedings by [Gray, Roma]

My short story, “Black Peter” is in here! Check it out, along with my fellow awesome authors! The theme of this book was that we were given a fellow author to ‘do with as we willed’ in our short stories. It was a blast seeing who annihilated whom and in what style! 😉  Pick up this holiday treasure and be ready to have the jingle bells scared outta ya!

Product Details My latest novel!

“February 1, 2031. The virus dubbed by the media as ‘The Zombiefication Plague’ has struck worldwide. The deadly disease turns people into raging, flesh rending, rotting/liquefying creatures attacking every still living individual in their wake. Dr. Carl Gavois, a researcher at the CDC, is in a race against time to come up with an antidote before all of mankind is consumed by this plague. Will he come up with a solution or are we, as a species, all doomed?”

If you like tales of zombies try this little gem out!

Always remember, folks – please, please, please – leave a review for any and all books that you read! It benefits us authors immensely, and gets our stories out to others!

Have a great week, and Happy Halloween! 🙂


Arts Council of Roane County – a great group in my area!


If any of you artistic types or country travelers find yourselves in the Roane County, East Tennessee area, I would definitely suggest you check out the Arts Council of Roane County. My Roane Writers Group, whom I am proud to be associated with, is affiliated with this culturally diverse  group and there is always something interesting going on that is listed on their facebook site.

So, If you find yourself in my neck of the woods, give me a holler, pull up a chair and set a spell and see what the Arts Council has to offer! 🙂

A New ‘Depraved’ book to check out! :)


Dual Depravity. Two Authors.
Two novellas each. One Book.

From extreme horror/bizarre imprint WetWorks comes a new line of books, featuring tales penned by sanguinary scribes who deal in darkness and depravity.

This inaugural volume kicks off with a quartet of tales form the dark, twisted minds of Jim Goforth and John Ledger, which veer from splatterpunk and hardcore horror, to bizarro and surrealism, delving deep into horrific realms each bloody step of the way.

From the woods to suburban houses, from mountain caves to abandoned dwellings, and everywhere in between, this extreme ensemble of novellas demonstrates that depravity and horror lurks everywhere, even in places you might least expect.


Dual Depravity (Wetworks Presents: Dual Depravity Book 1) by [Goforth, Jim, Ledger, John]

If you are into bizarre, thoroughly awesome tales, you need to take a peek between these pages! And this is just Volume 1!

Remember to read well, review often, and pass the word on to family and friends! 🙂

My blog interview with Cyrene Olson!


Here is Cyrene Olson’s wonderful blog post for authors and writers! Please give her a shout if you are interested in promoting your work! My interview is in the October online ezine listed below!

Have fun and don’t forget that reviews are authors’ books life blood!

Until next time, read well and often!  😉

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