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SH Bown Author 7:49am Oct 13

Hello Everyone: I have an announcement and I am so excited! My very first book just became available in BOTH print and e-book formats at Amazon. Up until today this author was a paperback virgin! Lol. To view it or order my book at Amazon click on this link, then click on the version you prefer: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015TBKKR2 For those who are interested or curious, here is a sample: Saint Vampire Published by S.H. Bown © 2015 by S.H. Bown ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ISBN: 978-1-4951-7425-4 Saint Vampire by S.H. Bown INTRODUCTION Every human being on the face of the earth has a story to tell. And so does every monster. This is my story. My gift to you. My special warning. I tell you this story because I can. Because I am compelled to. I vomit forth these words as an explanation of my damned existence. I must write to cleanse my soul. It is a warning to you all because this fate of mine could easily become your own, if any of you foolishly choose to ignore my words. Dear, dear, reader, please take heed and beware of the choices life offers you. Choices have consequences. And certain choices have consequences that chew at your soul from the inside-out, abrading it into dry nothingness. Nothingness that can be blown away with the slightest puff of air, replacing your humanity with an empty hole that never fills. For The Lord’s sake, and by all that is holy, please, please hold and think before you choose your course! Then be sure to choose wisely or your fate could be mine. And these words could be your words. And the hellish pain of my existence, your existence. And my story, your story. And my warning a gift that comes….too late. PROLOGUE Marcus held the voluptuous woman with ease, supporting her weight effortlessly with a single arm positioned across her upper back. She was unconscious and vulnerable. The struggle left her clothing in tattered shreds. The remaining scraps were wet from the rain, clinging to her torso in a flimsy effort of modesty. Fainting at the sight of him and those with whom he had just fought to gain her freedom, the woman remained limp in his arms. Looking down at her exposed flesh, Marcus experienced hunger, passion, and pain. His eyes roamed over her supple form. All of his senses were focused on her heartbeat. He felt and heard its pulsing rhythm. He wanted to stop listening and looking, but he could not. The musky intoxicating scent of her sex filled his nostrils electrifying his male instincts. His arm automatically moved her closer towards his chest. He felt her warmth and the hot undulating blood flowing through her veins, urging him to possess her, ravage her, and taste her all at the same time until he had had his fill. The desire to feast and to plunge himself into her were both overwhelming. Even more intense was the ache buried deep within his immortal soul to bond with a warm-blooded woman as he had in the days before his changing. Marcus dipped his head towards her breasts and inhaled deeply. Her breasts were round firm swells pointing their tips up towards him as her head lulled backwards on her shoulders. He could see her nubs surrounded by their small coral circles through the light blue sheer lace of her undergarments. She was braless beneath the sheerness. Sweet Mother of God he longed for his past and his mortality. He lifted his head skyward looking towards the Kingdom of the Lord. “Please, Dear Lord, give me the strength of character to continue on this path to which you have called me. Help me to persevere and remain faithful to Your Will, to do Your Work in Your Time, and set aside my own wilfulness.” It was a heartfelt prayer for help, and it was answered almost immediately by The Lord, with an overwhelming calmness that touched Marcus’s soul. Unusual circumstances, indeed, when you consider that the one doing the praying was a vampire. CHAPTER 1 PAST Friar Phillip was a curious young monk. Nothing had changed over the centuries for the men who followed his order of the priesthood as they remained ferreted away in their medieval monastery. He was a good monk and a good man. His calling was sincere as was his faith. At a very young age he knew what his purpose in life was to be. While sitting in church with his family worshipping the Lord, Phillip saw something that no other member of the congregation could see. To the amazement of the parishioners, young Phillip went into a dreamlike trance in the middle of the Sunday worship services. In the pew where he knelt with his family the eight year old boy jumped to his feet standing straight and stiff, then he pointed to a space just above the pulpit and shouted, “Look, look! It’s an Angel! I see an Angel!” The rest of the parishioners followed up with their own eyes to where young Phillip’s hand pointed, and looked as he had commanded them to do. And what they saw was — nothing! Even the old priest turned to look up above his own head to where Phillip was pointing. “What is it you see?” Phillip’s mother asked. “This best not be a prank or I’ll make you sorry, boy!” His father proclaimed. “What are you about boy? What is it you’re doing?” The old priest asked. Saint Vampire “Every human being on the face of the earth has a story to tell. And so does every monster. This is my story. My gift to you. My special warning…….” So starts the SAINT VAMPIRE legend. A story that spans history, as the forces of heaven and… AMAZON.COM

Saint Vampire


Check out SH Bown’s new book…leave a review and pass the word!

I can’t wait to get the paperback!


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