Catt Dahman – owner of JEA Press and an incredible author in her own right!


This may be a double blog day, folks – apologies if this comes up twice!


Besides being a wonderful boss at JEA Press, Catt is also a good soul with the patience of a saint when it comes to us authors. I can’t say enough about how she’s worked with me to make me a far better author than when I submitted my first novel in 2013.  I also have read a few of her novels, and I cannot say enough about how captivating and terrifying each and every tale is!

The author page from Amazon pretty much says it all:

“catt dahman, a native Texan, is a prolific horror writer with Severed Press and J Ellington Ashton. She writes extreme horror (splattergore), mainstream horror, has a crime series, several prehistoric thriller novels, a zombie series, and historical horror. With degrees in psychology from Texas A&M, she delves into the personalities of her characters and the depravity of the human mind. She has forty novels available…

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