Hump Day Rush!


My blog is a little late this week – actually Wednesday is more like half the week gone, and I do apologize. However, here it is and here I go – Still working on Asian Vamp story, though I’m now 59,000 or so words into it and still loving the direction. Also jumped in on another competition with Daily BookWorm and also with Knightwatch Press. Keeping my fingers in three different pies is a little exhausting but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Daily BookWorm theme is ghosts/hauntings so I whipped up a little story about a haunted SmartPhone. KnightWatch wants Nature gone amok and I happen to have a little ‘short’ called ‘Natures’ Turn’ which I am expanding and plan on submitting. Keeping in touch with my fellow authors and am going to the new writers group that my buddy, Sam Reese hooked me up with on Thursday evening. So, as you can all see, my life is filled with writing, writers and write on! (heeheehee) and it all happened to converge on TA DA! Wednesday! Have a great rest-of-the week and will blog again on Monday, should the Fates allow!


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