Playing catch-up today!


Hello All!

Hope you are fine and fit, and having good, positive things happen in your lives!

I have been busy with events in my own life, so I do apologize for not being as diligent as I should be when it comes to blogging.

Now that that’s out of the way – let’s go!

I want to put a shout-out to several authors whose novels I have read recently. They all can be found on, so I do recommend you all check them out, because each and every one is unique and refreshing in their own writing style!

So, here is my list:

“Surviving Stephen” by Rachel Holbrook. “Alabama Rising”  by BJ Gillum.

“Six Minutes to Midnight” by Cheryl Peyton. “Red Robin” by RB Tetro.

“Order of the Firewalker” by Richard D. Ramsey. “Forgotten-books 1 & 2” by Samie Sands.

“The Trident” by Melanie Dahman.  “The Hunted Tribe – book 1” by Roma Gray.

“Trip Trap” by Lisamarie Lamb.  “Splat” – a morbid anthology edited by John Ledger and T.s. Woolard.

A little bit of “somethinsomethin’ ” for everyone!

Until next time –

Read lots, enjoy and review, and have a great week 🙂


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